Saturday, June 04, 2011

Izmir Bazaar

Me in the Izmir (iz-meer) Bazaar with a dumb look on my face

We found a Turkish Coffee patio in the older part of the bazaar.

This was an open boardwalk kind of place near the bazaar

old mosque

The Clock Tower of Izmir, a symbol of the city

cooking meat!!!!

Turkish Coffee with some Turkish Delight

older part of bazaar

ceremonial clothes for when boys get circumcised

Izmir Bazaar

Spent the day at the bazaar in Izmir. Big, lots of smells, shopping... miles of shopping... huge! Izmir is a big city. It is on the West coast of Turkey. The bazaar is close to the water. We walked around, ate some food, and looked at all the stuff for sale. I didn't buy anything, it is a little too soon for souvenir shopping.

The weather was warm but bearable with a little breeze. We went in to eat and the place was warm on the inside. Once we went back outside it was fine with a little shade and a nice breeze.

Time is slowed down here. There isn't quite the hustle and bustle of America at work here. The days are long.

In Turkey, people come and pinch, hold, kiss, or touch your baby. Rasheeda and Utku (my hosts) have a small son (2yr old Atlas... pictures coming), and people were all over him today in the Bazaar. There isn't the same kind of space restrictions as in the US. It is interesting. It is more communal... I like it... it is different... more open.


darylschendel said...

That is all so cool!

Stacey said...

sleeping late and shopping all day...hmmmm...