Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day 2 - Cesme

Turkish Bizarre... kind of a cross between a farmers market and a swap meet.


Perge is a German beer brewed in Turkey.






Spent the day yesterday at the beach... in a town called Cesme (Cheshme). It was a bit windy, but not bad, the water was perfect and the sun was perfect. A cross between the warmth of the water in the Gulf of Mexico and a sunny day in San Diego. The sun was warm but not too hot. Awesome!

After the beach, we went to a BBQ at a couples house who are both pharmacists. The house was a mansion! Reminded me of Al Pacino's house in Scarface!! Really nice people... almost no one spoke English. It was a bit lonely in that regard, but humbling. I sat there and watched people have conversations around me. I can now relate a bit better to what it must be like for people in America who don't speak English.

We had an amazing Ping Pong match... I was the weak link on my team and the other guys beat us 3 games in a row. I was playing with a German guy who I am staying with in Izmir. The Turks were excited to beat a German and an American. What fun!!!


One 6 said...
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Stacey said...

You needed the "Levinator" on your ping pong team!!

Michael Dixon said...

You know this Maaaaaaaan!!!