Saturday, June 11, 2011

At the beach in Akyaka

Ice cream guy... he made the ice cream, which was stuck on the end of the big metal spoon. He then tried to keep the ice cream away from me... I was getting pissed because I thought he was trying to make an ass out of me... but apparently it is a tradition to harass kids and tourists!!

Mussel guy... awesome!! Mussels with rice around them served in the shell. Awesome!!

This is a small town down the mountain from Mugla. The town is called Akyaka and the beach we were on is called ağacı, which means oak. Beautiful place, as you can see! Clear water... there was a natural fresh water spring that emptied into the ocean. Little fish and turtles were swimming in the fresh water.

Cute town, Akyaka, it has different architecture than I have seen around. Apparently there is a large English population living there and some Germans.

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