Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Arrived in MUGLA

Rasheeda... the guy in the distance was staring at us, they have maybe a handful of "black" people in town!!

This part of the mountain gets lit up at night.

We are up in the old part of Mugla looking down at the town.

Same as above.

Elections are about to happen, so all these flags are everywhere for the different parties.

I am here in Mugla (moo-lah)... I have been having a hard time with the internet. I am trying to resolve my issues and hope to have them resolved soon.

I am going to check into buying a bike today to have some wheels. Where I am staying and the downtown are probably 2-5 miles apart?? Mugla is a mountain town... hot and arid... but nice.

I will have more very soon.

Stay cool!

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