Thursday, July 28, 2011

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley

This is the valley I was trying to get to... but my timing was off unfortunately. (stolen pic)

Driving back down the mountain.

Driving back down the mountain.


You can see the George House, where I stayed, from this point... middle of the picture off in the distance.

View from outside my room.

They had a pool. The hike down to the beach took 45-1 hour and I got there too late to hike down to the beach so I took a swim in the pool. I left early in the morning as well.

These were the more modern rooms with a private shower and bath. I stayed in one of these rooms.

They put these bungalows everywhere to rent out to travelers. These ones didn't have a shower or bath but used shared facilities. They also had tree houses.

I stayed at a place called "The George House." It was a property where they farmed most, if not all, of their food.

Up the mountain.

This is going up the mountain to Butterfly Valley. Below is the beach portion of a town called Oludeniz (Oh-loo-deh-nuhz).

Info... stolen from the internet:

Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi) is a valley on the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Access to the coast is only available by boat or via some serious trek.

Some Lycian ruins in the area date from the fourth century, and terraced gardens were prevalent under the different civilizations that lived in the area. In the late sixties, the large fruit trees of traditional agriculture were cut down as part of a process to modernize farming, but the isolation of the area meant that the new system was never properly attended to. Eventually, the area was redesigned as a tourist attraction, emphasizing a back to nature angle with campsites.

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